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Doddridge county has seen steady population growth for the past twenty years. From 1990 to 2010, the county’s population increased by 15% rising from 6,993 to 8,344. In the past three years, the county has grown ten times faster than the state.


The 10% higher homeownership rate than the state shows that Doddridge is a place where families come to settle down.


The most exciting statistic in recent years is the county’s growth in private-sector employment. As compared to the state, Doddridge has seen over ten times the growth of non-farm private-sector employment. The growth is projected to continue into the future.

Our Businesses

 The Marcellus shale formation which spans 104,000 square miles across Pennsylvania and West Virginia has received incredible interest in recent years. The natural gas extracting and processing companies, MarkWest Energy and Antero Resources, have continued to invest heavily in deep-well fracturing throughout West Virginia and, more specifically, Doddridge county.


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Welcome to the Doddridge County EDA

Located in north-central West Virginia, Doddridge County is within commuting distance of both Clarksburg and Parkersburg. The well-maintained Route 50 bisects the county  and connects many businesses along the way. The county seat, West Union, is home to over forty of these businesses which include diners, restaurants, hair stylists, grocery shops and more.


Doddridge is on the cusp of major economic change, driven in part by the arrival of the natural gas extraction industry. Two major companies in this field, MarkWest and Antero Resources, have partnered to create the Sherwood natural gas plant which processes the gases and liquids pulled from across the county. The increase in working men and women has driven demand for food, housing, and other essentials, all of which are currently being met by local businesses. It is truly an exciting time to be in Doddridge County!