Water Infrastructure

The EDA is actively assisting the Doddridge County Public Service District in developing and expanding water infrastructure throughout Doddridge County. 

The Town of West Union, currently the only water provider in the county, serves approximately 21.7% of Doddridge County residents with water. This leaves 78.3% of the county’s residents, or approximately 6,570, to rely upon alternative water sources. Typical water sources utilized are water wells, springs, cisterns, and off-site water hauling.

In 2016, through funding provided by the Doddridge County Commission, E.L. Robinson Engineering completed a county-wide water study and developed a master plan to provide water service to unserved residents in Doddridge County. 

The completed study divides the county into 27 project areas. Each project area has customer density, census tract information, and potential funding sources identified. This allows the EDA and DCPSD to apply for applicable funding for different projects as that funding becomes available.

The three highest-priority waterline extension project areas have been identified as the Route 18-Snowbird Road area, Route 23-Big Flint area, and the Oxford-Sunnyside area. Through a bidding process, E.L. Robinson was selected as the engineering firm to oversee all waterline extension projects in the three priority areas.

Doddridge County is decades behind neighboring counties in supplying its citizens with safe, reliable and affordable public water. There is a growing need in Doddridge County for public water, both industrially and domestically, and this need will continue to grow in the future. The EDA and PSD are working together to rectify this problem.

Locating funding sources is the major obstacle for any utility project. In most cases the DCPSD is required to have at least 80% of potential customers signed up prior to a project being deemed feasible. Local citizen support is crucial in moving these projects forward.

The DCPSD has contracted with the state’s Region VI Planning & Development Council to administer various funds for the priority projects. Region VI has also prepared and submitted grant applications on the PSD’s behalf in connection with these projects.

The Doddridge County Commission, as a long-term investment in the county’s infrastructure, has already donated/committed $1,900,000 towards various DCPSD water projects. Without these significant matching investments from the County Commission, other funding sources in the form of state and federal grants would not materialize. All three County Commissioners have been outspoken advocates for providing safe and reliable drinking water to the people of Doddridge County.