Our Businesses

 The Marcellus shale formation which spans 104,000 square miles across Pennsylvania and West Virginia has received incredible interest in recent years. The natural gas extracting and processing companies, MarkWest Energy and Antero Resources, have continued to invest heavily in deep-well fracturing throughout West Virginia and, more specifically, Doddridge county.


 The result has been an overall increase in businesses within the county. Some support the new industry directly through construction while others indirectly support it through services. New diners, restaurants, gas-stations, RV camping lots, as well as a coffee-shop, and newspaper have all arrived within the last year.

 While deep-well fracturing has brought incredible growth to Doddridge in recent years, that’s not to say the county was empty before natural gas industry arrived. The town of West Union has always been a hub of activity successfully supporting several restaurants, grocery stores, hair-salons, car-repair shops, florists, a hardware store, pharmacy, and many other local businesses.

 Agriculture holds an important place in Doddridge county economics. Several family owned and operated farms raise livestock including cattle, sheep, and poultry which are the county’s leading agricultural products. While the timber industry is not as large as it was in the late 19th century, it is still an important part of the county. Today, logging companies often work with the natural gas industry to clear land for roads and facilities.

 The number one employer in Doddridge county is the North Central Regional Jail which services eight surrounding counties including Ritchie, Monongalia, Marion, Harrison, Wood, Wirt, Tyler, and Pleasants.